You should not add this to your resume but it might be the best quality in a configuration manager or any automation developer might need. I will Explain:

Zend is a company which make server software to handle all PHP code and application (and much more…). The software is made for Linux\ Windows\ IBMi Os-400\ Mac. I started there as  Integration team leader although my knowledge was primarily in windows and some basic Linux commands. On my first few days  I just observed my team running endless lines with endless parameters at endless operating system all that in order to make some components compile.

while observing I saw that most of the days goes by fulfilling  developers or QA requests for a specific build and my team write specific commands. I asked my team to copy each command to a text file and what is searched was a pattern or a way to construct a common command line and set all the different strings as parameters. Since they used cygwin For windows builds I was able to put most of the build command that works in Linux to apply to windows as well. The result was one command that fits all Os’s and a set of parameters. In order to handle the process  I installed a Jenkins server and set all parameters there. Some parameters were taken from SVN and some from self generated lists.

I can sincerely say that I was too lazy to run these commands all day and by developing a web interface (using Jenkins) I was able to give access to developers and QA to trigger their own builds and leave my team and I to be free in the way of creating a full ALM process. The Jenkins server was later the main life string of the company and made implementing all other steps much easier.

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