When I started working at LeumiCard the developers used TFS only as check in\out to their code. No comment, no work item, not to mention build or deployment. I worked hard to gain their trust and help them help me to build full CICD processes. Last year we even integrated agile capabilities, which encouraged them to use the TFS agile boards. As part of the trust, I talked previously my team helped tweak the developer’s boards to fit exactly to their needs, and in return, they willingly devoted themselves to the changes. We get all the different developers teams (Mainframe, Web, Applications, CRM, etc.) their own boards which fitted them as a glove. Their own User Story templates, their own columns their own restriction and permission.
The company management saw quickly the benefits of these boards, and the excellent use the developer teams put them to use, and started implementing these boards to the business side.
The business side also saw the benefits but was frustrated that their board is not changing according to the developer’s boards. So now, they want all teams to report to one board (their board). Doing this will require all teams to work with the same flow with the same board, with same user story.
Now I find myself puzzled as a devops, as one who used to be in the middle (dev-ops), who does these boards belongs? Developers? Business?
In my opinion, business should have their own boards, which they are in charge to update they can come and watch the developer’s boards and update theirs accordingly. The main job of developers is to develop and not be thinking how the epic influenced by their 3 points user story.
I wonder what do you the reader think?

The comfort of developer. (My office at MusicLab)

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