My name is Erez Heilweil I am the father of four brilliant Kids (Daniel, Kesem, Ziv and Tamir) and married to their beautiful mother (Ayelet). I have been working as a configuration manager\ Integrator\ Release manager \ DevOps for almost a decade and decided to write a semi technical blog with all my achievements and downfalls.

In the last decade I had the pleasure to work as Configuration Manager at IncrediMail (known today as Perion) and from there to iMesh (aka MusicLab) and from there I found my self as Integration Team Leader at Zend Technologists (A.K.A “The PHP Company”) and today I work at Leumi Card (Credit card company) as Configuration and Release Manager.

Long Before all that I finished my M.Sc in computer and math and my M.A in Maritime civilization at Haifa university and wrote a very interesting thesis on “Evaluation of the alleged reduced narcosis of nitrox mixtures

I also have hobbies which I hardly get time for and they include Diving (I am certified dive instructor) which I don’t practice anymore, I am a certified Skipper but without a boat, but i do sail on special occasions. And my last recent achievement is building an arduino project with a partner which we had the pleasure to show  at the Jerusalem science museum.

So that’s me in short now tell me about you…