I recently was asked to add a .net 1.1 legacy solution to our TFS 2012 build and deployment process. Just to be clear .net 1.1 released on , 2003-04-24 same year google started spreading. So to my surprise all help regarding .net 1.1 which is very slim stated upgrade to .net 2.0 Visual studio 2005 in order to at least have msbuild support and then you can add msbuild tools that support this kind of tools.

The problem that nobody wanted to touch that old code since it’s legacy code and the moto if it works don’t touch applies here. So since Google\ StackOverflow etc… did not help I was left with the only option I knew Trial and error. which led me to the option to use “tfsbuild.proj”. and by using the ability to run exec format  I was able to create a full build while using.net 2003 “devenv.com” file and checking the bin folder for success or failure. After overcoming that obstacle everything came to its place and deployment process remained as all other non legacy projects.

And this how you beat the age before google.

P.S. maybe I should’ve looked at astalavista

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