I will start with a story. In the early 2007 I started working at IncrediMail (today called Perion). I was supposed to start as a developer however it happens to be that in the same day one of the configuration managers left and I was asked to fill his place.

In my role as a configuration manager  I had the privilege to be part of all the company products (IncrediMail – email software, Hiyo – addon to MSN Messenger and PhotoJoy – Photo’s display software). I was added to all  products meetings and my opinion was heard and appreciated. I worked with all development team, QA product Managers, Project managers and even Marketing regarding installation process and ads click revenue. To make thing short I felt really part of the company.

A year later I was offered to move on to development but I gracefully refused. Everybody was amazed, but I had my reason. Part of my job was to help every new programmer in the basic of ClearCase and while sitting with them I had the opportunity to see their work which centered  mostly in moving combo box few pixels to the left. That is when it made clear that I prefer to see and be part of the “Big Picture” .

So to make things short the “Big Picture” is why I Love my job.

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