Configuration managers usually find themselves alone at the company. In most companies I worked alone or had the opportunity to lead or work with one more companion. So “who you gonna call?” who has answers when you need to consult?

The obvious answer is Google. I found that most questions have answers except of course old issues. StackOverflow has been one of the best places to search answers and it saved me quite few hours and days in many issues I encountered.   I use it to find answers to my own questions and answer other people questions. But Once in a while I find myself answering my own question. This is done only after I tried my best practice “Trial and Error”.

Using “Trial and Error” I was able to achieve most of my sophisticated implementations. I had done things that I was not sure possible like using npm gulp process in a closed environment with no internet and adding this to the TFS build process, Or using TFS to deploy .net 1.1 This method proves itself as the best way to beat the lonely role in each company I worked at. No need to mention that all things were done on different environment without interrupting the continuous process or interfering with the full ALM Process

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